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Windows in COSMOS

first post: ande765a wrote: What is the best way to implement windows in a GUI in COSMOS

latest post: SplittyDev wrote: Well, first you'll need to write a high-res SVGA driver that works ...

Are you interested in joining OCA?

first post: Aurora01 wrote: Hello System 1 team, At the Open Cosmos Alliance (a group of oper...

latest post: SplitOS wrote: It would be nice if I could join the OCA. My english is not the ...

Error: 0 partitions found

first post: SplitOS wrote: I played the latest Build in a Virtual Machine and it found 0 part...

latest post: SplitOS wrote: Oh ok =D In which format these partition should be? FAT, FAT32,...

Internet in COSMOS

first post: ande765a wrote: Does anyone know how to write a HTTP protocol?


first post: ande765a wrote: Have any of you got a workign fat32 filesystem, if so how?

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