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System 1 pre-alpha


Sloan Crandell from GruntyOS (Aka Grunt) just implemented his filesystem to System 1! With Read and Write. This is a big step towards an alpha version. Ill also upload the source code, when its ready for it.

So what is it?

System 1 is a look-a-like of the old Apple System 1 which was first released for the Machintosh 128k in 1984. It's all black and white and really elegant. Currently we are only two developers, so if you wish to help send me an email at The plans in the future is to integrate internet and also a file system, (even if the internet weren´t in system at that point in time). We have currently a lot of graphical methods, like drawing Rectangles, Lines, Text, and even circles Yes it´s true!.

So if you have experience with filesystems, internet and windows; We need you!

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